Publication of Calcutta Mathematical Society

Calcutta Mathematical Society has been publishing its research journal 'Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical Society' since 1909. With respect to publishing research journals, Calcutta Mathematical Society is the first Mathematical Society of Asia and the 13th in the whole World.

Scholarly articles of various renowned scientists of the world, like H. Poincare, C. V. Raman, W. H. Young, H. Lamb, G. H. Hardy, W. Sierpinski, F. Riesz, A. R. Forsyth, D. E. Smith, M. Frechet, E. T. Whittaker, S. N. Bose, M. N. Saha, R. C. Bose, C. R. Rao and many more have appeared on the publications of the Society. Since 1909, CMS has been continuously publishing its Bulletins and Journals, and it has also published a number of books and monographs in the due course. Calcutta Mathematical Society Library has now about 20,000 volumes of books and journals altogether.

Current Publication

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