Apply for Membership

Application Form
  • Download an online copy of the Membership Form: member_form.pdf
  • Fill in the form and print it out. [Note: Electronically fillable]
  • Submit the duly filled-in form and membership fee to the Office
  • Contact the Office in case you have any problems regarding this matter.

Application Procedure
One must fill in the application form and submit to the CalMathSoc Main Office.

Moreover, anyone interested in the membership of the Society must have his/her application proposed by a current member and seconded by another at the General Meeting where his/her application for membership is considered.

Contact the Secretary of the Society or the Main Office for more details.


Members of the Society

Honorary Members

In an Ordinary General Meeting, the names of internationally famous scientists are proposed and/or nominated as Honorary Members of the Society. They are not required to pay any subscription to the Society, and they remain Honorary Members throughout their lives.

Life Members

In an Ordinary General Meeting, the application of a person who wants to be a Life Member is accepted for consideration when his name is proposed by a standing Member and seconded by another. Then the applicant is elected for Life Membership by the members present in that meeting. In the next Ordinary General Meeting, the applicant is nominated provided there are no objections, and he/she is enrolled as a Life Member on payment of the due fees.

Ordinary Members

The process of election and nomination of the Ordinary Members is the same as that of the Life Members. The only differences show up in the subscription scheme. An Ordinary Member however, can always apply to be promoted to Life Membership, and his proposal is considered as per the Life Member election norms.