Calcutta Mathematical Society


"The Officers of the Society shall be chosen out of the Members and shall consist of a President, five Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, a Secretary, an Editorial Secretary, and an Assistant Secretary. The President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, Secretaries with as many other Members as shall make a total of twenty-two (including the Assistant Secretary, if any) shall constitute a Council for the management and direction of the affairs of the Society."


The Council is the main governing body, having the management and direction of all the affairs of the Society, subject to the control of the General Meetings. The Council meets periodically at the Society and frames Rules for the management and governance of the same from time to time. It also takes charge of appointing at different positions of the Society and is liable to draw up and produce a report on the state of affairs of the Society at the Annual General Meeting.


The President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary and other Members of the Council are elected annually by ballot at the Annual General Meeting of the Society. Members are elected and nominated in the ordinary General Meeting of the Society on a periodic basis. Please check the Membership page for more details regarding this.